When there are loopholes in the system, it is easy to become the target of hacking attacks, and important information and documents within the enterprise will be highly risky. Weakness scanning is to use the automated tools to detect the system and identify all known risks. 


Vulnerability scanning and firewall and intrusion detection systems work together to improve network security. Weakness scanning can detect security vulnerabilities in time, correct network security vulnerabilities and error settings in the system, and prevent them before 
hacking attacks to prevent problems before they occur.Network vulnerability scanning and network assessment system before major network security incidents can help users identify hidden dangers and vulnerabilities in the network in time, and help users make up for loopholes in time. 
Through regular network, host, and database system security detection and evaluation, can improve the anti-risk ability of the system, and at the same time, it can assist users to complete system performance evaluation and assist in the analysis, investigation and tracking of security incidents.