High quality products have fully tested out
ACHELOS is a professional test vendor approved by the German Information Security Agency. It specializes in the research and development of network security products and process test tools, especially for the protection of
information and security products or solutions for sensitive and specific personal data,and it is in compliance with German national standards and international CC
(Common Criteria) common standards certification norms.
Test tools  
  • Focus on streamlined, trustworthy and meaningful test management
  • Full process test requirements to help customers achieve stability, sustainability, traceability and safety
Combining with a wide range of solutions and test suites, including IT networks, network service providers, enterprise users and critical infrastructure.
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE)/Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) are recognized and widely used as network security standards  
Proper implementation and use of libraries is a major challenge in the face of multiple cyber attacks, but there is currently no single tool that can provide complete and detailed testing. Achelos has developed a powerful test platform and tools to find out and diagnose vulnerabilities and errors, ensuring the reliability and security of internal or external network connections.