RFES (Ruiting Front End System) is an intermediary bridge for internal accounting host, acquirer, online banking or device communication required for financial transactions. The RFES is installed in front of the accounting host, receives the transaction information from the acquirer, handles the disassembly and format check of all front-end acquiring transaction messages, and transfers them to the back-end accounting host. 
The mission of RFES is to collect and pre-process real-time transaction data, and to process transaction information between the dispatch center and the bank and store, which is a bridge for instant message communication between these different systems. 
The RFES system can also be configured with HSM (Hardware Security Module) “Financial Information Security Device” for data encryption. RFES can help Swipe shops rapidly build a credit card authorization service and reduce the risk of credit card transactions.  
When the special store sends the transaction message to the account host, RFES can encrypt the transaction message or sensitive message before transmission to ensure the confidentiality of message transmission between the acquiring store and the accounting host.