To keep any sensitive data secure, PKI and Digital Signatures are necessary technologies at the very heart of your IT-systems.  
PrimeKey offers high quality software for securing anything from an entire organization, and cloud to mobile or IoT systems.PrimeKey’s technology is used by organizations and enterprises to securely implement PKI solutions used for ePassports, eBanking, ePayment, mobile/Internet security, IoT and more.
The need for a secure execution environment
Must your application and data be processed in an uncontrolled environment? Do you fear that someone will copy your software? Or that someone will access or even modify your data without your knowledge?  
With our trusted execution environment PrimeKey SEE you don’t need to worry anymore. 
The PrimeKey Hardware solution is the most efficient and easy way to implement your PKI or Signing solution. And the SEE is the very first FIPS protected application server for any critical application and data. Our Hardware solutions help protect your IT solutions or entire organization from fraud, counterfeit, piracy and interception.  
Make PKI simpler and safer
Would you like to predict costs and save resources, increase quality to minimize your PKI project risks, enjoy simplified installation and maintenance of your PKI solution? 
Then our turnkey PKI Appliance is the best choice for most medium and big size deployments — suitable even for managed services and Internet of Things (IoT). Our packaged PKI-in-a-box concept offers the easiest and most secure way to deploy an enterprise PKI system, without the hassles of elaborate installation and integration procedures.  
By delivering strongly on security, performance and simplified maintenance, PrimeKey PKI Appliance empowers your own security team to focus on aspects more directly beneficial to your business — the core certificate lifecycle, code and documents themselves.  
PrimeKey PKI Appliance has a fixed pricelist and enables you to save months of work and expenses. The Appliance is also particularly useful if you are looking for additional hardware to go with your overall PKI solution, or if you don’t have your own PKI department.  
PrimeKey Solution  
EJBCA Enterprise 
With any connected person or device, a key feature in most business solutions today, there is a need to assure that you know who you are talking to, that the data you are sending is safe from manipulation and that only authorized users have access to the data.  
This is the foundation of Public Key Infrastructure (or PKI), enabling authentication, encryption and signing. As the world’s most used PKI software, EJBCA Enterprise provides you with the basic security services for secure communication in any environment and use case. 
Different use cases have different requirements on how registration, initial enrollment and life-cycle management should be performed. EJBCA Enterprise enables multiple integration and automation possibilities and issues certificates to persons, infrastructure components and IoT devices. 
SignServer Enterprise 
Electronic signatures, Digital signatures, e-sign, e-signature… There are many names for digital signatures, and SignServer Enterprise enables them all. Server side digital signatures give maximum control and security, allowing your staff and applications to conveniently sign code, digital documents and PDFs. SignServer Enterprise comes as our turn-key Appliance, SignServer Cloud or as flexible software, described below.  
SignServer Enterprise is a server-side digital signature software, based on PKI signing used to sign any digital document.
The features are as follows:
  • A digital signature software with high performance and high availability
  • Operates on behalf of business applications
  • Designed to perform automated signatures (and other cryptographic operations on digital documents)
  • SignServer Enterprise is easy to adapt to customer specific needs by using plug-ins
To generate digitally signed time stamps SignServer Enterprise can be used as the time stamp unit within a Time Stamp Authority (TSA). Offering both RFC 3161 and MS Authenticode time-stamps, SignServer Enterprise includes monitoring of time synchronization compliant with the strictest regulations. 
PrimeKey NPKD 
What is National Public Key Directory, NPKD?  
Many countries have implemented Biometric Passports (or e-Passports), allowing their citizens to travel more secure and efficient. All efforts in standardization of travel documents are done under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This makes travellers’ documents easy to recognize, read and validate by the foreign countries people visit.  
ICAO is in charge and operates a directory of certificates used to issue passports; each of the associated countries has its own certificate. The directory is called the Public Key Directory (PKD).
Each sovereign nation handles the Public Key Directory (PKD) list on its own, as it finds appropriate and secure. The PrimeKey National Product Key Directory (NPKD) addresses the needs of a country to have an efficient, secure and robust system of importing other nations’ certificates from the PKD, as well as exporting its own certificates to the PKD.
PrimeKey NPKD makes it easy to manage the imported top-level certificates from other countries – to decide if and how much they trust these certificates – to be able to swiftly revoke a certificate in case of need.
PrimeKey NPKD works seamlessly with EJBCA Enterprise or SignServer Enterprise, used by several nations to issue their citizen passports. In fact, we have built in some of the security features used by EJBCA to the NPKD.As we are committed to open standards, one of them being ICAOs specifications, our PrimeKey NPKD is designed and works well even for those nations who have not yet migrated to EJBCA Enterprise.