Combining with DLP data leakage prevention measures, which can provid complete confidential data leakage protection! IRM FileSecure is not limited to diverse application systems and versions, and companies can easily create file management policies.
Integrating Kiuwan into your development process can not only improve the overall security of the system, but also reduce risk and cost,which is due to the ability to detect and correct those new weaknesses in advance .

“Help developers protect their applications, detect and help eliminate security vulnerabilities.”
  • Kiuwan provides a high degree of visibility into the possible risks faced by the application system. We use industry-standard scoring criteria to determine the severity of the weaknesses we find.

  • Assist you in establishing an action plan for repairing the discovery, which can be based on the number of manpower hours the development team will be able to invest in, or the application security rating you expect to achieve.

  • You can decide how to present the hazard of your application, based on the distribution of files or weaknesses.

  • Proficient in multilingual tools, Kiuwan extends the reach of programming languages to the limit to ensure that no applications are missing.
Integrating with existing development tools 
You will be able to find the agility of launching analysis and then inspecting results from your integrated development environment (IDE). It’s convenient and easy to use.
Leading-in continuous improvement
Set acceptance criteria in a continuous integration (CI) environment. Establishing an action plan and grasp the vulnerability status generated after modification, and the risk value of each new program.

Action plan
Repairing defects has never been easier.CODE ANALYSIS will automatically create an action plan with defects that need to be repaired to achieve the established goals.

  • Provides complete visibility for your application product line
Filter and group according to the conditions you set.
  • Analysis based on business importance
Distinguish between third-party delivery of source code, libraries, or self-developed programs, etc., to understand the exposure value of the application system.
  • Assist supervisors to survey the overall situation
Customizing reports based on data can include an overall view of all applications, which indicates how system issues affect the time to market, severity of risk, and even renegotiate service level agreements (SLAs) with outsourced vendors that cause security breaches.