There is no enterprise which wouldn’t try to rack its brains to protect sensitive data such as personal data, intellectual property, transaction documents, contract documents, design drawings, etc., to avoid unauthorized leakage, resulting in high losses. Because sensitive information is easily accessible in today’s open information environment, information security should be strengthened to meet the needs of enterprises.
GTB Inspector – Content-aware reverse firewall that supports the DLP solution for cloud infrastructure. It can monitor, block, encrypt, mask, and alert external connections that violate the Security Content Policy, regardless of any file format, protocol, or SSL encryption channel, with 100% content detection rate.
  • Multiple external networks can be installed to provid automatic load balancing
  • Supports for all TCP protocols and all 0-65535 communication ports
  • Provides GTB proxy server function to make HTTPS detectable
  • Multilingual is supported
  • Compressed contents can be detected
  • Corrects warning events in accordance with business processes
  • Inspect and correcting of internal users receiving emails
  • Provides multiple locations that can be centralized and controlled by central consoles
  • It can be regarded as a mobile “fully functional” device, which can easily move between internal and external networks
  • Built in HTTPS encrypted communication content inspection mechanism, there is no need to purchase additional equipment or module authorization
  • Built in MTA, Proxy ,with high integration flexibility
  • Integrates with SIEM system, which can send standard syslog
  • Supports for Smart Host
  • Other email encryption devices are supported such as Voltage, Zix,Secureworks, Secure Computing,PostX,Tumbleweed, Symantec,Front bridge,Exchange,Positini,Perimeter
  • Supports for multiple field detection
GTB Inspector can support fingerprint identification of all file formats, including the following data processing methods:   

  • Content partial sensing comparison, providing file fingerprinting, database fingerprinting, regular representation, keywords, etc.
  • Data Extraction – Applicable to a small portion of a file or the situation when the affiliate settings of the database are copied and transferred from one file to another
  • File format conversion, such as word conversion to PDF
  • Compressed file
  • Additional files – one protected file is attached to another file
  • It can recognize the real format of files,and Office, PDF, Picture, DWG, PRT, JT, DXF, etc. are supported
  • Copy text from other files ,whose content is from a printed document
  • The change of character encoding , especially between Unicode and plain English
  • Different presentation methods – for example,777-777-762 or 777 777 762 or 777777762
All communication protocols are protected:  
  • SMTP + TLS
  • HTTP
  • HTTP Server
  • FTP
  • POP3
  • Jabber
  • AIM
  • Web Mail
  • Instant Messengers
  • SSL (capable of decryption)
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • All protocols, sending data in clear
  • Capable of blocking on all protocols
  • Peer-to-Peer applications
  • 20+ applications and protocols
The way of data leakage protection (multiple settings are available) :  
  • Opening access and recording
  • Inline mode or out of Band
  • Email can provide supervisors to release review mechanism
  • Mask
  • Records and warns