Security Solution is a cross-platform, high-performance, high-availability software for protecting database libraries and data content in enterprise environments, whether it’s cloud services or enterprise self-erection.

DataSunrise can protect corporate databases from external and internal threats, including SQL implicit code attacks and unauthorized access.


DataSunrise database compliance automation engine and reporting capabilities are built-in.


  • Online banking provides the function of database auditing, database firewall, data masking and data counting
  • Continuously monitor the traffic of Cloud Repository Service or Local Repository Service
  • Support for SQL and NoSQL databases common on multiple platforms
  • Instantly prevent SQL hidden code attack (Database Compliance Automation engine)
  • Centralized management of security policies and definition of compliance controls
  • Provides web and cli management interface
  • Easy to install and fast subordinate way, support for AD (Active Directory) and HA architecture
  • Integrates with SIEM system