Contrast Enterprise is a new generation AppSec detection tool and is currently the only tool on the market that can protect applications throughout the software development lifecycle.  
It can not only prevent the application system from being attacked by malicious programs, but also help the development team to effectively eliminate the security vulnerability.  
The visual chart can immediately let the engineer personnel understand the possible security threats of the application system,which can reduce reliance on information security experts and provide the protection for the security of applications with Contrast RASP (RuntimeApplication Self-Protection) without modifying the program. 
Interactive Application Security Testing(IAST) 
  • Quick and easy import of Contrast IAST mechanism
  • Speed and accuracy
  • Enterprise Application Security Analysis
  • High vulnerability coverage
  • Contrast implements the goal of the SSDLC security software development lifecycle
Runtime Application Self-Protection(RASP)
  • RASP provides unparalleled visualization (details/event log/attack protection)
  • RASP can be applied to agile development, cloud applications and web services
  • RASP requires lower capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Advice from leading analysts – prioritize RASP
Centralized Server
  • System security analysis
  • Security fix suggestions
  • Structural analysis
  • Instant vulnerability detection and expert guidance
  • High scalability
  • SaaS, live and IDE deployment
  • Detailed list and analysis of the library
  • Agile speed and seamless automation