Atalla Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a payments security module for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for non-cash retail payment transactions, cardholder authentication, and cryptographic keys.
Product Highlights
Atalla HSM enables data and ecommerce protection and key management operations for PIN translations, payment card verification, production and personalization, electronic funds interchange (EFTPOS, ATM), cash-card reloading, EMV transaction processing, and key generation and injection.  
The PCI-DSS compliant Atalla HSM provides unrivaled protection for AES and other cryptographic keys when safeguarding payment transactions. The HSM protects and manages encryption keys needed for key derivation within the tamper-resistant hardware device. 
The new-generation Atalla HSM AT1000 host commands are fully backward compatible with its previous generation models, incorporating more than three decades of expertise—enabling co-existence and easy migration.  
Key Benefits
Advanced key management solution using Atalla Key Block. Atalla Key Block is a key block format approved by the ANSI standards community to support interchange of symmetric keys in a secure manner and with key attributes included in the exchanged data.  
The AES key-wrap process, also commonly known as ANSI Key Block (AKB), was the first market-specified standard that resolved this by hard binding the key with the intended attributes along with integrity to ensure that the cipher text hasn’t been modified.  
The key is protected by using the approved key bundling standard requirements thus greatly reducing Man-in-the Middle (MitM) attacks. Additionally, key usage attributes are securely bound to the key itself. This prevents misuse of the key type or its intended use for example, the key is identified as an encryption key and can’t be used to decrypt data, key exportability, etc.  
Key Features
  • Atalla Key Block for AES and TDEA or 3DES key management
  • Tamper-resistant security module (TSRM) for PCI PIN compliant remote key loading
  • Power consumption average 45 W / 66 VA, maximum . 50 W / 70 VA
  • In-field scalable performance
  • Highly scalable with more than 10,000 TPS in a single device
  • Backwards compatible with the previous generation Atalla HSMs
  • Easy to integration into your existing infrastructure (managed as an IT Security device)
  • Optional customization